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As a specialty life sciences investor, LifeArc’s sector expertise and focused network provide us with significant competitive advantages today – and insights that are strategically critical for our continued growth into the future.

Aman Bhatti, CEO, Culumus Neuroscience

LifeArc had the vision to support RQ Bio from the very beginning and as a direct result new innovative antibodies were discovered to potentially protect vulnerable patients from Covid. In addition, a company was also born that will develop medicines to provide instant and long-lasting protection for vulnerable people at risk of severe disease or death from a multitude of viral infections. Both as major shareholder and a scientific partner, LifeArc continues to support and collaborate with RQ Bio so that the public health, medical and patient impact of our innovation can be maximised.

Hugo Fry, CEO, RQ Biotechnology

We're truly grateful to LifeArc for the belief they've shown in us as investors and the support they've been able to offer to date. Imran and his team come with a wealth of experience in the healthcare space and have been a valuable source of counsel as we shape and define company strategy at this important stage of our growth.

Dr Robbie Huddleston, CMO & Co-Founder, Surgery Hero