Cumulus Neuroscience LandsCoveted iF Design and Red DotAwards for Innovative At-Home EEGDevice

June 1, 2023

Used to Help Accelerate the Study and Development of Precision CNS Medicines, the Cumulus EEG Headset AttractsAccolades from Prestigious iF Design Award and International Red Dot Competitions

BELFAST, Northern Ireland and CAMBRIDGE, Mass., April 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Cumulus Neuroscience (Cumulus; TheCompany), a global digital health company, focused on advancing neuroscience clinical trials and patient care throughimproved data, has been named a 2023 iF Design Award and 2023 Red Dot recipient for the product design of its first-in-classEEG headset. A key component of the Cumulus Platform, the current version of the dry-sensor EEG headset was designed by PA Consulting as an elegant solution for obtaining clinical-grade data in remote settings to monitor and evaluate neurologicalactivity. 

“We started Cumulus with the goal of uncovering insights that would lead to better treatment and diagnosis ofneuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative conditions – and an essential part of that mission is an easy-to-use, reliable andsophisticated EEG Headset,” said Brian Murphy, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Cumulus Neuroscience. “This recognitionfrom iF Design and Red Dot is particularly gratifying because not only is the design beautifully crafted, but the headset alsohas the power to help improve the lives of millions of patients living with these debilitating conditions.”

The iF Design Award has come to symbolize the stamp of quality for excellent design. Additionally, the globally recognizedRed Dot Award is presented to those who demonstrate quality design and dedication.

“The importance of EEG-synced data in precision CNS drug development is growing, and thus the ability to capture real-worlddata in clinical trials reliably – especially from patients participating in those trials remotely, from their own homes – is criticalfor biopharma innovators seeking to accelerate their programs,” said Aman Bhatti, MD, CEO, Cumulus Neuroscience. “Thesetwo awards are a testament to our team’s dedication to developing patient-centered solutions that both enable the captureof high-quality data, and prioritize ease-of-use and comfort for patients and caregivers.”

The Cumulus Platform combines the EEG headset with an at-home neuro-assessment platform design, which can track theintegrity and connectivity of brain networks. The headset synchronizes with tablet-based functional assessments for use in-clinic or unsupervised (at-home/remote) environments, allowing for increased ease-of-use for patients, caregivers and clinicalteams. By enabling remote monitoring of patients across multiple domains of brain function, researchers conducting clinicaltrials are able to sample a broad spectrum of CNS domain measurements, in order to understand the effects of certaintreatments on cognition, mood, memory, and language, in order to better match the right patient to the right therapy. 

Cumulus continues to advance its EEG Headset and data platform, providing major biopharma partners and collaboratorswith a suite of state-of-the-art tools to help advance the discovery and development of new medicines for neuropsychiatricand neurodegenerative conditions. To learn more, visit 


Notes to Editors

With a mission to generate the data and insights required to accelerate diagnosis and management of central nervous system(CNS) disorders for millions of patients and caregivers around the world, Cumulus Neuroscience is advancing an AI-based,multi-domain digital biomarker platform to enable better, faster decision making in neurology and neuropsychiatry clinicaltrials and patient care. Designed for and with 10 of the world’s leading pharma companies, the platform enablesdecentralised trials, and is already making a difference in the development of therapies for Alzheimer’s Disease, depressionand schizophrenia.
Designed to provide an industry-wide standard for real-world measurement of disease progression, Cumulus combinespatented technology, in-house expertise and key industry partnerships to capture large amounts of real-world, clinical datarepeated over time, across multiple behavioral and physiological domains in the patient’s home – all with a UKCA markedEEG Headset synced to a novel, tablet-based neuro-assessment platform. Together with machine learning (ML) analytics andthe world’s largest database of annotated, longitudinal, neurofunctional data, Cumulus simplifi es and improves therobustness of neuroscience clinical trials to provide the best and most cost-effective assessment of CNS treatment outcomes.
The Company is supported by highly experienced specialized investors, DDF/SV Health Investors, LifeArc and Future Fund, anda world-class Scientifi c and Technical Advisory Board.