Cumulus Neuroscience Expands ExecutiveTeam, Supporting Biopharma BusinessGrowth

February 1, 2023

Industry veterans Shani Waninger, Ph.D., and Eliot M. Lurier, CPA to growbiopharma partnerships and offerings advancing CNS drug development.

We are delighted to announce the appointment of two biopharma industry experts,expanding our leadership bench and reflecting our growth in the biopharma space.Shani Waninger, Ph.D. , takes the helm as Vice President of BioPharma Business Development alongside Eliot M. Lurier, CPA, who joins Cumulus as the interim ChiefFinancial Officer. The addition of Waninger and Lurier comes on the heels ofwelcoming Strategic Advisors in drug development, including industry veteransBavani Shankar, Anish Shindore, Suzanne Coles, and Ron Newbold.

“Shani and Eliot’s strong experience in successful biopharmaventures reinforces the importance of our efforts, andrepresents exciting momentum for the Cumulus organization.” Aman H. Bhatti, MD CEO, Cumulus Neuroscience

“This expansion of our leadership team is a reflection of our commitment to thebiopharma industry ecosystem, and to advancing new precision treatments forneuropsychological disorders,” said Aman Bhatti, MD, Chief Executive Officer,Cumulus. “Shani and Eliot’s strong experience in successful biopharma venturesreinforces the importance of our efforts, and represents exciting momentum for the Cumulus organization.”

Waninger, a biopharma veteran with more than 20 years of experience across pre-clinical and clinical drug development and clinical biomarker implementation,brings deep knowledge and expertise instrumental to the trajectory of Cumulus inthe biopharma space. Lurier, a strategic and solutions-oriented senior financeexecutive with over 35 years of financial experience in life science and healthcare inthe Boston-area, joins Cumulus as the company rapidly grows and expands its biopharma partnerships.

The combined track record of both Waninger and Lurier offers significant strategy inCumulus’ ventures and investments while backed by the strength of science andunwavering commitment to the populations in need. This announcement signifies aprofound chapter for Cumulus as it accelerates its biopharma commercialization strategies.

“With neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases at the forefront of scientificresearch and pressing patient need, I am proud to join an organization acceleratingdrug development in this field,” said Waninger. “Expanding and enhancing Cumulusrelationships with biopharma partners who are focused on solving the biggest healthcare challenges of our time is essential to our shared mission of improving diagnosis and treatment, with the ultimate goal of developing disease modifyingprecision therapeutics for these CNS diseases.”

“As someone who has spent their career growing biopharma companies, I’m excitedto join Cumulus – an organization with strong momentum, growth and presence inthe industry,” said Lurier, a consultant with Danforth Advisors, LLC. “I look forward tohelping The Company foster the continued innovation and growth, expandingopportunities for our biopharma partners and the patients and caregivers they serve.”

Focused on transforming diagnosis and patient care for Alzheimer’s dementia andother central nervous system (CNS) disorders, Cumulus is backed by a strategic investment led by the Dementia Discovery Fund (DDF), a specialist venture capital fund which includes leading pharmaceutical companies Pfizer, Lilly, Biogen, J&J,GSK, and Takeda.