Cumulus Neuroscience appoints digitalhealth and pharmaceutical executive AmanBhatti, MD as Chief Executive Officer

September 21, 2022

Cumulus signals progression to a global healthcare company by appointing Dr.Bhatti, previously senior executive at AliveCor, to lead expansion of AI-Based digitalbiomarker platform to accelerate patient care and drug development in neurologyand neuropsychiatry.

Cumulus Neuroscience has appointed Aman Bhatti, MD, as Chief Executive Officer(CEO). Dr. Bhatti, a noted digital health executive with experience launching andscaling world-renowned consumer healthcare brands, joins Cumulus as theCompany shifts toward healthcare and expands biopharma partnerships in its nextgrowth phase. Dr. Bhatti’s appointment follows the recent award of a £1.5M UKNational Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) grant to Cumulus and itsacademic research partners, using the Cumulus platform to improve earlydementia diagnosis.

“Neurological disorders are a global health issue, and digital biomarkers – whichrequire integrated, multi-domain assessment technologies – are key to supportingfaster drug development, disease diagnosis, and therapeutic solutions,” said RuthMcKernan, PhD, co-founder & executive chair, Cumulus.

“Dr. Bhatti’s proven track record of implementing strategies that achieve significantrevenue growth in both the biopharma and healthcare industries, combined with hisunique understanding of healthcare system priorities and patient, physician,biopharma and payer needs, makes him the ideal match to lead Cumulus in its next chapter. With Dr. Bhatti at the helm, Cumulus is poised to accelerate our BioPharmaand Healthcare commercialization strategies – to help solve the biggest healthcarechallenges in neurodegeneration and psychiatry.”

“My passion is finding the intersection of technological innovation, scientificunderstanding, and patient care, to make better health possible – and Cumulustechnology is poised to do just that, by enabling better understanding and fasteridentification of neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric diseases,” said Bhatti. “Ourtechnology already plays a key role in helping biopharma partners accelerate drugdevelopment, and soon, the same technology will be deployed to physicians to leadto earlier diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s and other CNS diseases. I lookforward to expanding those opportunities for our biopharma partners and patients,and to building toward the launch of our Cumulus platform to clinicians in the US.I’m also particularly energized to continue leading the industry in its evolution frompaper-based, single-timepoint and single-domain assessments to using repeatable,multi-domain, AI-based clinical insights that are changing the face of drugdevelopment and patient management,” he added.

“My passion is finding the intersection of technologicalinnovation, scientific understanding, and patient care, to makebetter health possible – and Cumulus technology is poised todo just that, by enabling better understanding and fasteridentification of neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatricdiseases”Aman H. Bhatti, MD CEO, Cumulus Neuroscience

Brian Murphy PhD, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer commented: “Currentsolutions to measuring brain function don’t satisfy patients, doctors or the scientiststhat are working to develop new life-changing therapies. Our machine-learningenabled platform directly measures how a disease affects thinking capability, sleep,mood, language and other aspects of a patient’s daily life. With Aman on-board, theteam is excited to bring this easy-to-use solution to bear in global health-caresystems.”

Before joining Cumulus, Dr. Bhatti was senior vice president of AliveCor BioPharmawhere he led a team focused on establishing partnerships with CROs andbiopharma companies, drawing upon more than 15 years of experience in priorexecutive roles at Sanofi, GSK, Novartis and Reckitt. A pioneer in forging technology-based alliances, he was part of efforts to launch and scale well known globalconsumer brands such as Mucinex, Theraflu, Flonase, Nicorette, and most recently,KardiaMobile.